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Make Your Car Difficult To Be Towed

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Everybody on the earth loves his vehicle. Who else will want his vehicle to be towed? But there may be the chances that some day unknowingly you have parked your car in non parking zone or a cunning thief may try to steal your car. To avoid your car to be towed in any condition you will have to be more careful. Here are some precautions that you should take to make your car difficult to be towed:

1. Always try to park your car in the authorized parking zone.
Always abide by the rules and regulations of towing in that area.
2. Try to park your car in between two cars, one in front of it and another in the back. It will be almost impossible for any one to tow your car in this condition.
3. When you park your car, turn wheels fully in one side. It will be very difficult to tow your car from the back side. Only a tow truck with flat bed can do this.
4. Try to park your car with any steep obstacle in back or front of it. This will not allow your car to be towed easily.
5. Always leave emergency brakes applied hardly while parking.
6. Use any steering wheel locking device.
7. Select the 4-HI setting if your car has a 4-Wheel Drive system. Now it will require all four wheels to move together as the drive train is all locked in this condition.
8. Always park your vehicle leaving it in some low gear. Don’t forget to remove the car from the gear while leaving otherwise you may damage your car.

9. On the back of your car place a “Pressurized Non-Flammable Gas” warning symbol. Most of the vehicle insurance policies do not cover this type of hazard. So no tow truck driver will take the risk of towing your car.
10. While in home always park your car in garage. This will be best protection for your car.
11. If any way your car is towed and you feel it is illegal, inform to the managers of the building or owners of the shopping mall immediately. They may ask for the explanation from the driver of towing vehicle about illegal towing.
12. If you intend to not to use your car for a long time and want to eliminate the possibility of towing of your car, you may remove all the four wheels of it. It will be very difficult for you as you will have to put them again in place when you need to use it.
These were the some precautionary measures that you may take to make your car difficult to be towed, however these measures do not completely eliminate the possibility of towing.

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