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We have vehicles, trailers, luggage, furniture and other households in our house. We need towing today or some other day. We have to shift our house due to our transfers or for other reasons. We may need to tow our boat, horse box or a caravan. While hauling our luggage to the new place, we need to be much careful. Here are some rules related to towing:

• Your maximum speed should be 50 mph on single carriageway road and 60 mph on dual carriageway road while towing a trailer. There should be no lower speed limit. While towing you should not use outside lane of three or four lane motorway unless you are permitted by the police.
• For towing a small trailer with no brakes, the weight limit for the trailer is 50% of the curb weight of the towing car. Its maximum limit is 750 kg.
• For larger trailers with brakes fitted in it, the maximum weight limit is 85% of the curb weight of the towing vehicle.
• You should be careful to your vehicle’s tow rating. You should also add weight of passengers, luggage and other items on the trailer or caravan, while considering about the tow vehicle.

What you should check before towing?

Here is a list of checkpoints before towing:
1. Your trailer should be well serviced and well maintained before it is used for towing. It should not have been left un-serviced for the years before you take it on the roads with your heavy luggage on it.
2. You should check whether your trailer’s braking system is well in working order.
3. Check inflation of tires of your trailer. It should be according to manufacturer’s specifications.
4. Your trailer’s brakes may have a problem. The brake cables may have seized due to their idleness. It may result in over heating of the wheel bearings or even brakes binding. Your trailer’s wheel may part with completely from your trailer in this condition.
5. The condition of tires should be satisfactory and in good working condition.
6. You should use special extended door mirrors while towing a large trailer with its elevated sides. The both sides of you tow vehicle and trailer should be clearly visible while you are on the road.
7. You should know that your vehicle and loaded trailer towed with it will take some time to stop after applying the brakes.
8. You should also check electrical wiring system and its head light bulbs or tubes etc. You may have to continue your towing trip during nights also.

These were some basic tips/guidelines about towing safely. In our next article we will discuss some more important aspects on the subject. These may be much useful in making your towing expedition a success.

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