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There is a saying, “A gentleman is well known by his behaviour on the road”. The saying is equally true when you are towing a caravan or trailer. You have prepared well for your towing expedition and are now on the roads. You have to follow the traffic rules. You have to care for your vehicle, luggage and life along with others. So you need to be more careful while towing. This is not very difficult task. All you have to do is to follow these some basic safety tips:
According to law, you can tow up to 1.5 times of kerb mass of your vehicle. Consult handbook of your car for maximum recommended towing mass. It is recommended that always keep the load slightly less than the limit so as to keep some engine power reserve.
Your tow car should be in excellent mechanical condition with its brakes, steering, suspension, tyres and cooling system in proper working condition. There should be transmission cooler fitted if your tow vehicle is automatic.
Before going on a long towing trip, complete some short distance trips for being confident and familiar with towing techniques. While towing there will be extra burden on your car and accelerating, braking and overtaking may slightly differ. Prefer to start early in the morning when there will be light traffic conditions on the roads.
Disconnect power, water and waste water services, remove jockey wheel, turn off bas bottle, fully raise parking legs before heading off. Ensure electrical connections, coupling and chains are right in their place. Tail/brake lights, side indicators and rear number plate lights should be in proper working condition.
Tyre must be inflated as per the recommendation of the manufacturer. Also check all the tyres are in good condition with good tread. There should be o cracks on sidewalls of tyres. Tyres should be checked regularly as the tyres which have remained idle and exposed to external weather conditions for a long time may not be suitable for towing heavy loads.
It is always better to take advice of expert about tow bars and tow hitches. Try to use load distribution hitches as these are capable of maintaining level between your car and caravan if properly set up.
Electric brakes may be more effective in your towing expedition as they operate with the brake lights of the car and can also be operated separately from the car by hand control inside your car. You can avoid any push by the caravan on rear side of your car in any swaying condition.
When towing a caravan there will be increased fuel consumption and continuous use of your car for towing purpose may also reduce its overall life.
Avoid harsh acceleration at the time of moving off from the stationary position. This will save excessive fuel consumption and extra burden on the engine of your vehicle.

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