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Some Towing Tips Part-II

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In Part-I of this article I suggested some tips about towing motorcycle safely like choosing the good towing company, ensuring proper insurance and costs of towing. Here we will discuss some more aspects about the subject.
Should you choose open trailer or enclosed one for your motorcycle? If the distance of destination is less than about 500 miles, you may choose open towing trailer other wise you should always prefer enclosed trailer. The reasons for choosing enclosed trailers are:
1. Motorcycles are more sensitive to the outer elements than cars.
2. Scores of the motorcycles may be towed simultaneously.
3. More security
4. Safe from rains, snow, sun and winds
Most of the towing companies have trailers specially designed for the motorcycles, so they need not crates. Some companies having semi trailers may use pop-up crate system to secure your motorcycle. If you have an approved crate you can save some cost of towing. You will have to remove the gas and battery from your motorcycle before towing.
You should prepare your motorcycle well before handing it to the towing company. Try to take pictures of you motorcycles with dates for knowing any damage to it during towing. If there is any problem with the motorcycle you should clearly tell to the towing company to avoid any probable dispute or any damage during loading and unloading.
Tires must be properly inflated. You should also check for any leakage in the tires. Disable alarm of your motorcycle before towing. The battery may be damaged due to short circuit of cables or wires. Check these properly. If battery is lead-acid type then it will be better to carry it separately, otherwise acid may damage your motorcycle badly.
Empty your gas tank especially if it is being towed in a crate. The full gas tank may be inflammable and this will cause fire in the towing vehicle. You should also remove loose items like saddle bags, glove box, seat cover, side mirrors etc. The loose items are not covered by the insurance.
You should unlock the steering and keep ignition key with you. Forks should also be unlocked. You should get your motorcycle weighed properly as most of the towing companies charge according to weight of the motorcycle. You should also make an inventory of your items with the towing company duly signed by owner or manager of the company.
It will be much better if you provide such destination address to the company where towing trailer may reach and turn back easily.
These were some of the basic tips for safely towing your beloved motorcycle. I think these may be much useful for you when you plan to tow your motorcycle to you new home.

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